Monday, July 28, 2014

Testimonial 7/28/14

New Western Testimonial 

“I have worked consistently with JD Flores over the past couple of years.  JD has always been professional and honorable in all of his business dealings.  The two key qualities that jump to mind when I think of JD are his unwavering persistence and his positive attitude.  No matter how many times things don’t result in a successful sale, JD continues to have a great attitude and continues to contact me each time he believes there might be an opportunity for me.

JD is a rare individual.  He has a unique ability to face a challenge and is truly unflappable.  Rarely have I met someone that keeps such a cool head in a very competitive sales environment.  Also, honesty and integrity have always been apparent in all of his business dealings.  I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with JD on a regular basis.  He is a true professional and will continue to bring tremendous value to all of those he works with.”

Sales Associate: JD Flores

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