Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lewisville Rental Property

Lewisville, TX 75067
Property Specification
Bedrooms: 4 Cash Price: $123,100
Bathrooms: 2.0
Garage: 0
Year Built: 1969
Property Description
BUY LOW, SELL HIGH! An incredible opportunity to get your hands on a clean cash flowing rental, or your next solid flip. Has a brand new roof and a nicely converted garage that adds sq/ft. Needs foundation correction, HVAC, and standard cosmetics. 
Notices and Disclosures
  1. YOU MUST VERIFY ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED INDEPENDENTLY: Any estimates or information provided are for real estate investors’ convenience, who must verify all estimated numbers independently. ANY information regarding specifications, characteristics, or condition of this property, neighborhood, or investment strategy (including, but not limited to, as-is property square footage measurements or as implied by property expansion through construction) is an unverified assumption of the broker or its affiliates based on limited information and should be verified independently for accuracy. Broker and its affiliates assume no liability, either expressed or implied, for the accuracy of any estimates or information provided.
  2. DO NOT ENTER PROPERTY WITHOUT BROKER OR AGENT: Broker and its affiliates do not give authority, either expressed or implied, to the recipient of this information to enter this property. A property inspection may be obtained by scheduling an inspection with an authorized broker or agent.
  3. NON-REPRESENTATION: Broker and its affiliates do NOT represent the recipient of this information.
  4. RISK OF LOSS: Real estate investment is speculative in nature and risk of loss can be substantial. The recipient of this information should carefully consider whether such investing is suitable for them.


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