Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Career in Investment Real Estate

Do you love waking up for work in the morning?

You will....

Don’t be suckered into mediocrity, getting paid a fraction of what you’re truly worth.  Don't be one of those people that sits in a cube every day, packs your lunch and walks at the bell. You've been given a false sense of what you are capable of. If you think it's time to make a change your life, keep reading.  

I'm looking for people who are tired of the rat race, clocking hours to make a living and not getting anywhere. Come work for yourself and I guarantee you will make well over 6 figures your 2nd year, probably even in your first.  If you don’t then you will know pretty quickly that this career isn't for you. 

We sell investment real estate.  As a sales associate, you will be given all the training needed to become successful.  I can train everything except work ethic.  You will be required to work your ass off if you want to succeed.  

Reliable transportation
Laptop and/or iPad or equivalent
Applicants will need to obtain a real estate license after/during training if accepted. 
Bachelor's degree preferred but not required. 

Reasons to Work with New Western Acquisitions;
1099 "employee” Be your own Boss.
Get Paid What You're Worth...Not What Your Boss Says Your Worth!
The New Western office Culture; Company-wide trips to Vegas, Miami, Tahoe, New Orleans,     Cancun etc...
We are a growing company and we only promote from within. From Humble beginnings in Dallas in 2008, we have grown to 7 office nationwide stretching coast to coast.  

Create your own luck and send your resume to JD Castillo at 


posting was created by a licensed agent agent; brokerage, United Investex 2, Llc

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