Friday, October 4, 2013

22 Unit Apartment Complex in Burleson


22 Unit Apartment Complex in Burleson
Burleson, TX, 

Property Description

Great Opportunity to add to your rental portfolio with an 22 unit complex in Burleson, Texas. The current owner has allowed his wife to run this cash flowing machine into the ground through her property management  With a few simple fixes you can expect a 17.63% annual return after deducting all expenses including taxes, maintenance, and insurance. 

Property Specifications

Square Footage 14800
Bedrooms 44
Bathrooms 22.0
Year Built 1980
After Repair Value $13,200/month
Est. Repair Value $30,000
Cash Price $710,000
Or Buy for Only $320Down for Qualified Borrowers

Notices and Disclosures

1. Broker and its affiliates are real estate service entities. We have provided the above estimate for the convenience of real estate investors. Real estate investors are encouraged to verify all estimated numbers independently. Broker and its affiliates assume no liability either expressed or implied for the accuracy of the final estimate above.

2. Broker and its affiliates do not give authority either expressed or implied, to the recipient of this information to enter onto this property. Inspection of this property can be provided by scheduling an inspection with an authorized broker or agent.

3. Down payment subject to change based on final appraised value, actual repair estimate, and borrower qualifications.
J.D. Castillo


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