Tuesday, September 10, 2013

3 Things You Need to be a Real Estate Investor

      In 2003, I was taking classes to get my real estate license in Dallas, Tx.  During a break, I walked
 out front to defrost from the Arctic classroom and our professor, Lou, was standing outside smoking a 
cigarette.  Lou was about 65 years young with a closet full of khaki slacks and what seemed to be the 
holy grail of cigarette packs in his shirt pocket.  He asked me what my plans were once I got my 
license.  I told him that I wanted to be a real estate investor.   His eyes lit up from behind his thick,
oversized glasses.  On top of being a professor for aspiring agents, Lou was a real estate investor. 
He gave me a bit of advice that helped me in finding my direction.  He told me;

            “The 3 things you need in order to be a successful real estate investor are money, time and 
experience.  And if you don’t have all three you need to team up with people who do.”

      I was a 19 year old kid at the time so as he continued to talk, he correctly assumed that all I had 
covered in his equation for success was the "time".  Since then, I've gained experience.  And with
 time and experience, money comes shortly afterwards.   Ten years later, my wife and I currently
 have 7 rental houses and manage a couple more.  We’re still growing our mini empire and have no
 plans of slowing down.  

     Now, I follow my passion for a living at New Western Acquisitions.  As a company, we buy and 
sell about 100 houses a month throughout our 4 offices in Texas.  As a growing company we are 
always looking to hire individuals who have a passion for real estate.  If you have a passion for 
real estate and a thirst for knowledge about investing in real estate, send your resume to me.  
Only "time" needed.  JD.Castillo@NewWestern.com

posting was created by a licensed agent agent; brokerage, United Investex 2, Llc